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Here is what i have an issue with, the Batman cpc demo keeps getting mentioned again and again, yet apart from some nice looking effects, i don't see much in the demo that could be used in a game.

Things like smooth scrolling and sprite routines are lacking.
The fancy plasmas, twisty effects and nice still pics may look good but aren't practical for games.

Where is a lot of C64 demos display amazing scrolling and sprite routines(as well as plasmas etc), and these same routines can be applied to games.
And there have been a few demo makers on the c64 that have progressed onto making games, and the games were technically great!

Also this statement- "The Batman Forever programmer said in the demo that commercial CPC games used only 6% of the CPC abilities, this must explain that".
To take everything this man says as gospel is stretching things a little i think, sure there is some truth to what he is saying, but this is one guy within the last 30yrs to claim games only used 6%.
Could this batman guy make a smooth scrolling arcade game with lots of sprites to the same quality as his batman demo?

I keep hearing the usual lame cpc game excuses, speccy ports, lazy coders etc, but what about the exclusive cpc games that came out only on amstrad?
Surely these games would of taken more advantage of the cpc, yet most are technically lame!

And again, the effects he used in his batman demo don't represent what games required.
Show me some demos on the cpc that have plenty of scrolling and sprite routines that match the C64, something that's practical in games as well!

Also games that required good scrolling and sprites cannot be underestimated on 8bit systems, as there were so many games that required it!

In the end it comes down to software, would you rather have one awesome demo or hundreds?
And sure the vast amount of cpc games could of been much better, but they weren't and that's what your stuck with playing no matter how many "What if's" are used.

And what i find most amazing is that the older, supposedly slower/inferior C64 can keep up with the very best the cpc has to offer, and most games on the C64 are far superior!

Edit- The funny thing is now that my Commodore collection is complete, i was actually contemplating a CPC 464 as my next buy for my retro collection! Call me crazy lol!

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