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WinUAE GUI in Windows 8.1 - not DPI-Aware?

Hello all,
I noticed that WinUAE GUI looks wrong on Windows 8.1 with 200% scaling, on a high DPI display (I am using a Macbook Pro Retina). I am pretty sure this problem is also present in Windows 7 if other than 100% scaling is used, but I have not tested it.

The problem is this: The buttons are all there, but the window appears quite small, and the labels and text are cut off everywhere, because the text is too big. I cannot read the labels of the various buttons, and I cannot re-size the window to make it bigger either.

Some other old apps are scaled on a pixel level automagically by Windows 8.1, e.g. each pixel including text is quadrupled to increase size of gui on screen, for example old installer program. And this would be perfectly fine for WinUAE. It would look pixelated, but all the text would be big and legible. Instead, WinUAE is scaled using some kind of XP-Style dpi scaling, where the UI elements remain at fixed coordinates and the text is enlarged and clipped everywhere to become non-readable.

With a HiDPI display (example 2880*1800 on 15" screen for Macbook Pro), turning off dpi scaling in the settings is really not an option anymore, because ALL UI elements will be incredibly tiny and not legible.

Can this problem be fixed somehow, maybe it is just a simple setting (or unsetting) of a dpi-aware flag somewhere in the executable?

EDIT: Or maybe I am just stupid and made some other configuration mistake. Maybe somebody else can check this?

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