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For network connection on OS4.1 Update 2 it is a little bit different. After several tries I got it to work.

Follow the steps through step 13 as is.

You may want to do a cold reboot now.

Goto Prefs->Internet


Name: Ethernet
Device driver: DEVS:Networks/ethernet.device
tick (DHCP) checkbox


Restart the stack.

Close window after says "has been leased".

Either from AmiDock "Internet Wizard" (right most icon) or Internet drawer "New Connection"

Pick "Local Area Network"

Pick "Manual configuration"

The a2065.device does not get changed to ethernet.device.

Click the browse file button next to Name and go to Devs:Networks and pick the ethernet.device.

Test the configuration.


Keep DHCP. Next.

Create the report.


It will say it already exists, overwrite it.

It will complain about it, but it is for the modem dialer so not an issue.

Open a shell and use wget-os4 for aweb like the rest of the instructions say.

I tried to ping but it fails. But I can download files with wget and AWeb works.

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