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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
Yes, you're right, of course. It is the PCMCIA slot and 8MB memory cards that are incompatible. I'm sorry, I had misread your post and thought your CF card was connected via PCMCIA.

I don't think that a fully working standard A1200 PSU can be causing your problems, so I am guessing that it's probably faulty. In which case the A500 4.5A PSU should do the trick.
I'll find out soon enough when the new PSU comes in the mail.

I've been reading up on the card I have, it's a Marpet 1207 (Amitek Hawk variant) with RTC and 33mhz FPU, I'm reading that these cards can have issues themselves with using 8mb simms -, really hope this isn't the case in my instance as i bought the card in confidence on Amibay, anyway looks like a recap is also a good idea to eliminate problems and prolong the Amiga's life.

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