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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
^ This is basically it. With WHDLoad you can load games from "harddisk" (most use CF cards now) from a menu, just pick one and it loads quickly! Very nice. You need some time to setup the CF card with WB and games on a PC, but there are also illegally setup CF cards to buy from ePay. You *will* need extra Fast RAM to run WHDLoad properly, period. In total it will probably cost you ~ 180-220 EUR+shipping(s).

But it sounds like you want to run the old games from floppy. For this, you'll need an Amiga setup compatible with all games. In this case, only an A500 or A500+ with the normal slowmem (trapdoor) 512K expansion is un-frustrating enough. This will cost ~ 50 EUR+shipping. Of course you'd have to solve the floppy-making problem, but a 20 EUR Gotek USB floppy emulator is a good and cheap replacement for the internal drive. It can load any .ADF (disk image file) on demand.
Yes exactly. So what I learnt so far is that I would need an A500 with 512K expansion for old floppy based games and an A1200 for everything else. And here is my next question: In Wikipedia it's written that A500+ has compatibility problems with some games and somewhere I read that they can be solved with changing the Kickstart ROM back to 1.3. So which one is better - A500 or A500+ or not a big difference - whichever is cheaper/in better condition?
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