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indeed :

4/ It seems that you tried to draw attention on CPC with your demo, for example, by giving some exaggerate information (only 6% of capacities of CPC used by the commercial software!), or multiply by 4 then 6 the number of dots really displayed on screen. What was your main goal by doing that? Giving an “everything is possible on CPC” message for the other scenes?

"Rhino: You are right, I think that many people may have noticed my purpose to draw attention on the capabilities of the CPC, especially to impress the C64 scene. The choice of the effects was conditioned by the idea of demonstrating that CPC is better than C64 almost in every aspect. For example, color (703 colors), resolution and text mode (192x54 text mode), processing power (zoomers, 3d objects, dots...) ...".

another piece of text :

"I think that recently there are people trying to make my 3D Batlogo using optimized animation techniques on C64 without success... LOL

Maybe it's something else than another raster and a simple “animation” with little technical after all. The truth is that I used lot of innovative techniques that exploit simultaneously the Z80, CRTC and Gate Array to render effects of size and speed never seen on CPC, mixing optimized real-time (soft) and advanced hardware techniques (hard) to improve the performance. If anyone thinks that it lacks of technical approach, I respect his opinion and I congratulate him for being someone else demanding than me, but I disagree. And, of course, to say that "From Scratch" is technically superior to BF, as Longshot said, is not acceptable from any objective view.
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