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Never owned a cpc, a friend had one (6128) and I remember Cauldron being much better on the cpc than the C64.

I went from a ZX81 to a Speccy which was a huge jump but was envious of my mates C64 and eventually ended up getting one.

The one area that the C64 ruled over all the other 8-bit machines was in RPGs.

I think the CPC is unfairly looked at in comparison to both the Speccy and C64, it could do so much more but was never really pushed...the C64 and Speccy were the big hitters (in the UK anyway), so developers went for them as far as games go. If you look at Monty on the Run the C64/Speccy are quite similar graphically but the CPC version looks awful ...soundwise the cpc does a good job but cant match the C64.
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