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Just an FYI.....

I ordered, but still waiting for, OS4.1 Update 6 Classic. I went ahead and got my HDF files ready.

I ran into a problem with my Install 3.1 floppy adf; it is full. So when doing step 16 I would get a pop up saying the disk is full.

So I made a blank HD adf with bootblock, copied the original DD floppy to it, then booted from the new HD floppy and it worked.

I also made my HDF size of 4096, repartitioned it to 1 partition of 4GB, called it Workbench. Then I made a second HDF of 4096, IDE 1, split it in half for Work and Programming. Put CD on IDE 3 in case I want more HDFs.

Once I get OS4.1.6 installed and tweaked properly, I will copy my Workbench HDF so I will always have a clean install instead of re-installing from CD/ISO. Then keep the programs, music, pictures, etc, on Work:. My programming separate on Programming:. Then occasionally backup the Workbench: partition with newly installed libraries and such for quick restores.
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