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Thanks for the reply Toni,

I created a config from scratch in 2.8.1 starting with a minimal config and adding things one at a time and it works fine even after recreating the config I was using in 2.9beta13 (minus the cyberstormPPC obviously).

That config is now working fine in 2.9beta13 with CyberstormPCC emulation turned on but so far only with a bare 3.1 install and P96.

I deleted my old configs and made a fresh install of OS3.1 in 2.8.1 so now have no way to test the problem I was having but if it shows up again i'll get some logs for you if you wish but so far all seems to be working as it should.

I had tried reseting with the gui button and it would reset and boot back to the black screen, if you were wanting to know if it did actually reset then yes, it did.
Picasso II was working OK before on 2.9 betas, the problem seemed to only be with Picasso IV although they were the only two boards I had tested.

If you think there may be a problem somewhere and you need me to test it then let me know, I have plenty of time at the minute.

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