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I would think the fairest comparison is a basic cpc 464 vs the c64!

And despite the 464 having certain hardware aspects that look better on paper, the software said otherwise.

And considering that there was a huge amount of games that relied on scrolling and sprites with smooth movement for better playability, that lack of hardware support for them on the 464 was ultimately it's downfall.

The c64 with it's hardware scrolling and sprites made it look easy, and then you count in all the tricks they could do on the c64 on top of the hardware support it already had, it was easier and more flexible to do almost arcade quality games on it!

464 owners can claim they have the superior 4mhz cpu and think the c64 is weak with only a 1mhz cpu, but considering the cpu in the 464 has to do pretty much everything in software, like software sprites and scrolling etc, that extra cpu speed is now redundant!

And sure, there are apparently some obscure hardware scrolling methods on the 464, but you could probably count the amount of games and demos that used these tricks on one hand!

This is why i mentioned earlier that the 464 vs the c64 was similar to the st vs amiga.

The 464 and the st had faster cpu's in them, but they lack hardware support for all the important stuff when it comes to games.

Both the c64 and amiga have dedicated chips and hardware support so games are much easier to make, and they end up looking better and smoother then the 464 and st versions.

Also the colour palette on the 464's seems like overkill to me, the colours almost look fluorescent!

You simply couldn't do a more earthy, realistic look for games that needed it with a palette like that, take a look at platoon on both the c64 and the 464 to see what i mean.
The 464 versions fluorescent green forest and bright yellow dirt almost blinds you and looks more like avatar then platoon.

While the c64 version of platoon is much more realistic and natural looking!
And once again, here is another c64 game that is faster, has smoother scrolling, better sound and higher res sprites, this was typical of most cross platform games!

The only game styles the 464(and spectrum) could do better in were games like flick screen adventures, isometric games and 3d vector games.
But even then there are plenty of examples that show the c64 matching the other systems in these areas(head over heels, stunt car racer etc).

Plus flick screen and isometric games faded out over time once the arcade conversions started to flood in, and also because there was only so many variations on those styles that could be used before they became samey and boring!
And 3d vector games only accounted for a tiny fraction of all games.

Also it doesn't matter what excuse was given for porting a lot of games from the spectrum to the 464, and in the end specs don't really matter either i guess, it's the quality of the software that does.
And we didn't get a c64 so we could play half of our games in monochrome spectrum mode, with beeps and bops for sound and jerky movement, unfortunately for 464 owners that's often what was given to them.

Plus how many cpc 464 owners were there back in the day that actually used a colour screen, and not the crappy green monochrome screen!

64 FTW

Edit- Lol Neil, maybe you should see if you can get the thread name changed to this- "Amstrad CPC 464 - 30 years old this month, Revives 30 year old 8bit fanboy war!"

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