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Originally Posted by Mad-Matt View Post
I guess the difference was, the spectrum/cpc could have really made use of that memory to keep up with the c64. The c128 would have just raised the bar even more, but it is interesting that even in the demoscene, the c128 barely gets a look in.

I'm not sure how popular the c128 really was as its not something you ever hear anyone talk about. I did know someone with a 128D, but that was used for actual productivity work as well as the odd game up until they changed to the pc platform around '92.
The C128 was not really a machine with a great design:

- The Z80 that it had was running at a VERY slow clock speed (2Mhz). It barely could run CP/M. Basically it was completely unusable and 6502 was turned off while it ran - so no parallel "processing".
- The new Video Chip was OK - BUT in most machines it only had 16k which meant really low resolutions with 16 colours or high resolutions with 2 colours. Also the worst thing was no direct memory access for the video memory, so it was very slow to access the memory (unless clever trickery is used as shown with the one and only demo).
- C64 Mode was (almost) 100% compatible to c64, with so many millions of C64's sold the companies rather just developed for c64 since those games/tools would run on c128 anyway. Some opted to add some improvements when run on c128 like faster processing (even in C64 mode on c128 you could run at twice the speed when VIC chip was not doing anything - in the upper/lower borders). 128k of memory was rarely used because it wasn't accessible in c64 mode at all.

So those reasons basically killed the c128...
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