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I guess the difference was, the spectrum/cpc could have really made use of that memory to keep up with the c64. The c128 would have just raised the bar even more, but it is interesting that even in the demoscene, the c128 barely gets a look in.

I'm not sure how popular the c128 really was as its not something you ever hear anyone talk about. I did know someone with a 128D, but that was used for actual productivity work as well as the odd game up until they changed to the pc platform around '92.

Ocean were probably one of only a few publishers/programmers that took advantage of the 128k giving us sound effects and multi-track music and preloading of multiload games. It was enough to not make games at least look like the developers cared.

As a Spectrum+3 owner, it wasn't often I would buy a disc based game knowing full well it was just the 48k version slapped on a disc at a premium price. I looked forward to disc games on c64 especially the multiload games, and sometimes you would get little extras on the disc like intros and music selects, especially from thalamous.

Tape games using Nova Load loader were great as I could copy the entire game onto disc via action replay cart. Although I'm sure developers knew people were doing this and sabotaged it occasionally. I seem to with winter camp, one file would not get saved breaking the game With the spectrum, the Multiface3 was damn useful for saving single load games onto floppy.

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