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Originally Posted by huepper View Post
I have rescanned roms some times.
I can't use fastram or better, b2060 in my config.
If i check early startup, card is not shown.

Other thing is, i load the config, boot into workbench (with workbench3.1 adf) and if i quit (f12 + quit) i get a crash all time.
Logs nor dumps are not from any official beta. Do not use unless requested. (Do you really have both rom files? _hi.rom and _lo.rom?)

EDIT: workaround: set ROM panel 2060 path to blank.

To everyone: Stop posting "it does not work reports"!

- if not new feature in this beta series: Must test last official version!
- Do not use unless requsted.
- If feature introduced in previous beta: must test if it worked in previous beta.
- Asking about PPC OS related questions: -> WinUAE PPC thread.

Extra rule since it seems everyone enables CSPPC just because you can and then report about something totally unrelated: Set up standard config (no accelerator boards!) if your problem has nothing to do with PPC.

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