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@BarryB : True lol XD

@Hansel75 : Armalyte on C64 is exactly the same kind of game Super Edge Grinder is on amstrad CPC. The diff is that the CPC use a vivid palette. Armalyte palette is horrible ! Seems to be painted by a half-blind guy lol !

You see, this game could be done even more easily than R-type 2012 on CPC.

About Mayhem in Monsterland, yes it could be done on CPC in hard scroll (not in 50 fps because we don't need that), but i see nothing that the CPC can't do today.

A game like super cauldron is way more advanced than this one, not even speaking about Prehistorik 2. Even the standard CPC version use a hardware scrolling, and the screen is really big with many sprites on screen.

The CPC + is another story, it has a triple playfield, with hardware sprites, hardware scrolling, DMA soundtrack music (meaning that like the amiga, the sound is no burden for the CPU), and an amiga like palette (it needs 128kb for all these feats however).
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