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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
just check this one :

[ Show youtube player ]

Features :

- detailed mode-0 16 color graphics,
- ultra-smooth and fast scrolling which runs constantly at 50 FPS
- fast-moving and well animated sprites
- nice in-game music which changes dynamically with the action!

So you see, the CPC is able to, when you have people that can in front of it !
Sorry but the colour is horrendous in that game, Armalyte and dozens of other C64 shooters look better then that and throw more sprites around the screen, and these C64 games are 20+ years old!

I suggest you have a flick through this video of C64 Armalyte to see a better use of colour, plus impressive scrolling and sprite routines, it may lack ingame music+fx but this was a rarity on the C64, one only has to look at a shooter like C64 salamander to see that it was easy to do music+fx on the c64 if they wanted to-
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[ Show youtube player ]

And pretty much 99% of C64 games ran in 16 colour mode, it was no big deal for the C64 to be able to achieve this!

And 50fps games were quite common on the C64 and not a rarity!

Edit- I will be the first to admit that the cpc could do some 3d games better, mainly wireframe 3d. But since this only accounts for probably 1% of all 8bit games, this didn't worry me on the C64.
I think it's safe to say that scrolling games with lots of sprites became the most popular by far and probably accounted for 3/4 of all 8bit game types, especially once arcade conversions started flooding into the 8bit market.

And i still stand by a game like Mayhem in monsterland on the c64, show me a cpc game that looks better, sounds better and more importantly moves as smoothly as this, and in fullscreen and not some tiny game window like a lot of cpc and spectrum games used-
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