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I'm still only seeing a select few examples of these technically superior games and demos being shown, and the Batman demo has been mentioned a number of times now as a showcase.

Where are the other hundreds of high quality demos on the cpc that the c64 is known to have!

And i am seeing lots and lots of excuses as to why past cpc games were mostly inferior to there c64 versions, and only a handful of examples of where the cpc can apparently beat the c64.

Spectrum ports, lazy coders etc, or maybe it's simply a lot harder to do a smooth cpc game compared to the c64, even though the cpc is supposed to be technically better!

I wonder what a current day remake of a game like R-Type on the c64 would be like in some skilled hands, now that there is 30yrs of knowledge to go by when coding a new remake!

Maybe they should even do these remakes on a C128 to equal the playing field with the 128k cpc remakes!

As for having a computer back then that could do a smooth scroll and throw lots of sprites around the screen easily, well it may not of been the reason why the c64 was bought in the first place.
But once gaming on the it when a kid, i certainly realized it was nice to have those features in most games, and 90% of scrolling games were usually more playable on the c64 due to the smoother scrolling and sprite movement.

And i maybe mistaken, but isn't smoothness in a game considered a good thing compared to a slightly prettier but jerky game?
Smoothness helps playability, this is a fact in every game since day one, the smoother the game the more playable it is!

When i was younger in my circle of friends there were C64's, one cpc 464, an apple 2 and a C=+4, and all my friends envied the c64 the most by far, even the cpc owner!

While my cpc friend was showing off Everyones a Wally, i was playing games like Impossible Mission, Loco etc on the c64 and they blew the cpc away!

You can only judge a machine by it's software, and with up to 10000 utils and games available for the c64, and with a high number of them being quality technical releases that out shined all the other 8bit formats.
For me that's what counts, and only having a small handful of examples of cpc superiority like the Batman demo and half a dozen other examples is not really enough to convince me otherwise.

Seriously if you watch this 100 cpc games video-
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Then watch the 100 c64 games video straight after the cpc one-
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Apart from some more colourful looking cpc games, most of them look terribly jerky and blocky compared to the most of the games in the c64 video.
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