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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
It is not emulation. It is a software equivalent of installing a kickstart switcher with KS1.3. A WHDload version is a cracked version of the original modified to run from HDD with fixes to make it work with 020+, AGA etc.

But go ahead and run games the original way. I've seen lots of people starting out this way and then eventually figuring out that Amiga floppy disks are now very unreliable and having everything installed on HDD is much more convenient without ruining the experience of using the real HW.
Getting a 500 with +512kB RAM is much cheaper though than a 1200 with accelerator, but you'll need to think about how you will transfer software to it. The PCMCIA port in the 600/1200 is very convenient for that.
Edit: A floppy emulator could be a solution if you just want a 500, look for Gotek and HxC. Yes, that is emulation, but only for the floppy drive.
There are plenty of DD floppies on ebay and they aren't so unreliable as you say.

Transferring to the Amiga is the more difficult part as you say. Amiga forever and a transfer cable is fool proof, but rather slow. Especially inconvenient if your Amiga is nowhere near your PC.

I would also go for the 1200 + Whdload + CF card way. Okay it's not as purist as I would like but it's a decent compromise for convenience.
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