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Picasso IV stops on black screen when booting

I have been trying for the last week to get WinUAE to boot with picasso IV emulation and have been having the same problem no matter what I try.

I'm really just trying it out to get it working so I can maybe consider buying a copy of OS4.1 classic once PPC emulation is a little more mature and stable and I have some money coming in.

I can Install OS 3.1 and OS 3.9 OK, everything is fine until I install Picasso96 then when I reboot it seems to be going OK but then the screen flickers, goes a slightly darker shade of black and nothing happens, no more HDD activity at all.

So here's what I have tried:
  • Every 2.9.0 Beta from the last week up to Beta 13.
  • Winuae 2.8.1 (I can't seem to download older versions).
  • Windowed and full screen modes
  • disabled the overclock on my CPU and run everything at stock settings.
  • Tried different drivers for my radeon 7870 (13.12, 14.4 and 14.7 RC3)
  • Many different confiurations I have created from scratchbased on different amiga models and ones I have downloaded, I'm currently using the one from the OS4.0 guide thread.
  • I have made sure I have the PicassoIV flash rom in my roms dir.
  • Tried with and without cyberstormPPC and Warpengine emulation.
  • Picasso II and Uaegfx are working OK.
  • Both A4000 roms from my copy of AmigaForever 2013.
  • Picasso96 from the OS3.9 CD and the latest version I could find online.
  • CyberGFX from OS3.9 CD

I did get it to boot once with Picasso96 installed by disabling Picasso IV emulation, booting with AGA screen mode and removing the board association in P96Mode then re adding it after rebooting, I could test all screen modes OK but after rebooting again the same black screen issue appeared. I haven't been able to get this to work again though.

I did find one person with the same issue on this forum earlier this week but there was no solution, I haven't been able to find the post again today though.

Thanks for reading all this, hopefully somebody can help with this issue.

WinUAE has got to be one of the most impressive emulators available, I'm amazed it's mostly the work of one man these days, As soon as I'm back in work I will be making a donation, Keep up the amazing work Toni.
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