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Originally Posted by Vesko View Post
Thank you for the answers!

But is A1200 compatible with games for 500 without additional software like loader, emulator?
Well, some games will work, but you might be more comfortable to use WHDLoad, which allows you to install games to harddrive and also fixes compatibility issues. It's not a emulator, but well, some kind of loader

A600 isn't any better with compatibility either. If you want real compatibility for games on disks, then you need A500. But you really should think twice how you're going to transfer games to it. It can be slow and trickery, if you don't own any better Amiga or some other hardware with better transfer possibilities.

A1200 won't be 100% compatible with everything, but it is compatible enough with WHDLoad. And as a bonus, AGA games will work too. And you have many ways to transfer stuff to it. It's just much easier.

One other option which could be considered is Minimig or some other FPGA machine, which are practially hardware remakes of the A500. They have pretty good compatibility, although probably not perfect. But they use SD card as floppy emulator, so getting games on them is easy.
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