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What would of been interesting to see back then would be a skilled company like Thalamus make a CPC 464 game with the same high standards and coding trickery that they used in there C64 games.

Thalamus produced some of the most technically impressive C64 games like Sanxion, Delta, Armalyte, Hawkeye, Creatures, Summer camp etc, and they were very playable and smooth games as well as looking and sounding stunning!

An example of a Thalamus game that is actually my favourite shooter on the c64 is Delta, the ingame soundtrack is utterly amazing and goes for 11mins.
Also the sprite routines and use of colour are really slick, all this is in a single load and despite looking jerky in this video, it plays at a full 50fps with no slowdowns on a real c64.
Have a skip through this video for a look at a very well made c64 game, Witness the awesome salamander style levels at 7mins into the video-
[ Show youtube player ]

This is pretty slick as well, Mayhem in monsterland, really nice use of c64 colour-
[ Show youtube player ]

And this is a better example of what R-type could of been like on the c64, i thought R-type was actually pretty decent on c64 but Katakis is better again-
[ Show youtube player ]

I think if the cpc's lifespan had of been longer like the c64 had, we would of seen some much more technically impressive games on the cpc that exploited the machine more.
And that would of been really interesting to see as most of the time the cpc was never utilized fully in games!

Also for me, any defects that the c64 had were worth it just for the orchestra that was the almighty sid chip!

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