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Another old timer here.
My first electronic gaming gears were the Universum TV-Multi Spiel 2006 with a light rifle and another Pong console that included a bike game (forgot the name) in the late 70's. They were sold to have the money for an Atari VCS. In '84 I got a C64 with a datassette (which was not a good idea since all my mates had a 1541). In '88 I bought an Amiga 500 from the money I earned in my apprenticeship. The money I got for leaving the army (sounds funny, but that's what they did at the Bundeswehr back then) was invested in a brand-new Amiga 1200, which was expanded with a '030 card and a cd-rom later on. It was sold around '98.

I restarted with original Amigas two years ago and am the proud owner of two A 500s (one with a HxC Rev. C) and an Amiga 1200 (with 4GB CF HD and an ACA1220) again.
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