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Originally Posted by alenppc View Post

I guess I could create an installer package, not sure if this infringes any copyrights since the icons are taken from 3.9.

There are some drawbacks with this system. For example, there was no space for a blue colour in the palette since pen 3 is green, so I made pen 0 slightly blueish to compensate. When you remove icon borders (I am using MCP for this), anything blue/grey becomes transparent so it's impractical to use window background.
As for the copyright infringement I can't say anything... but... if you would need a tester for your installer you can count on me...
Actually I really like the color of your pictures and everything looks neat and tidy. In the past I used a program called ForcePal in order to modify the colors but I actually don't remember what it really did but only that it was useful for my purpose.
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