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in fact the problem lays in emulators. You need a real CPC to get the scroll running correctly. The CPC CRTC is a very complex piece of hardware, and it's not emulated perfectly with the perfect timings.

The game runs at 25fps if i remember well. And sorry, but many games like batman the movie are really dull on C64 and spectrum, while it is awesome on CPC. The C64 is an old computer compared to the CPC, even with it having games with 50fps scroll and synthetizer sound. Look at Robocop, it's way better on CPC than C64 (it uses the batman the movie engine), and look : The CPC was programmed on Atari ST at Ocean Software, even its graphics were done on ST.

Many games with lots of sprites are rubbish on c64 (the main processor is really too slow, even if you have hardware assistance). The CPC has a stronger processor, an hardware cathodic ray controller which allow hardware scroll (some games use it, like super cauldron and Prehistorik II, as well as Warhawk, on which it's a vertical scroll), and other delicatessies. In many ways, the ST even have some limitations that the CPC doesn't have. In overall, the CPC is the most "powerfull" 8 bit computer, because it has many features of the 16 bits machines. We had some conversions that either the spectrum or the C64 would have dreamed of from the ST or the Amiga, thanks to the 16 colors ability in mode 0.

when i pick a game like Turrican I or even II, the game is a 16 bits conversion, not an 8 bits conversion from the C64. This is why i say that we had on CPC games that where 16 bits look a like. I made the maps for both games (hi Codetapper ), and those have the size of the ones on amiga and ST. Not counting they are both in mode 0, they use hardware scrolling (thanks to the CRTC), and have an excellent playability.

Just to say that having games with 50 fps scroll and synth music are not enough for people to say that a computer is above everything. The C64 has been killed in France by the CPC, with no efforts. why ? Because the CPC was an overall best choice. In term of coding, in term of palette color, in term of business abilities, in term of peripherals, in term of utilities, and in term of games. The C64 was an over-hyped console with a keyboard, no monitor. Compare this with the success the amiga had in france, and it says it all : the amiga has all what people loved in the CPC, plus the color palette the C64 never had, and digital sound. We are like that : we french either want a balanced computer, or the best deal you can find. the Amiga was the best deal hence its success here

Just my 2cts
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