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Originally Posted by Neil79 View Post
I changed a C64 fanboy's mind the other day...

Play the R-Type homebrew version on the CPC and see what it can really do
Not to rain on your parade mate or knock the 464, as i liked the machine as well when using my mates as a kid.

But apart from the nice colour in this R-Type remake, it's terribly jerky and only looks to be running at about 4fps.

The large space ship on stage 3 moves in chunky jumps rather then scrolls across the screen.

It doesn't look a patch on the best C64 shooters like Armalyte, Delta etc with there 50fps refresh, and at least R-type on C64 was much smoother.

The 464 has it's place but there are some areas where it simply can't compete with the C64, especially games with lots of sprites and smooth scrolling.
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