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I got my first Amiga new in 1993 from Calculus (clearance CDTV Pro, my parents thought it was more practical than the CD32 I wanted.)

Im not a fan of the new Amigas, I like the hardware of the classic Amiga (It got me into electronics which has shaped my life waaay more than it should have) where as the new Amiga's are PC's with PPC chips, not interesting at all.

aros was great back in Os3.5 days where its updates was being back ported to the Amiga and its very cool to have an open source version of the Amiga OS but my PC is my work tool, my Amiga is my play thing and they shouldnt mix.

UAE is fricking amazing though and although I dont use it much Im very glad its here.

My favorite Amiga is the A4000T, it was the best thats ever been made and back in the day I drooled over the adverts sooo much, it seemed so powerful then but is still very nice to use now.

I lov ethe retro Amiga scene, all the DIY projects and hacking. Ive been to hackspaces and their groups have nothing compaired to what we have. Also love demoscene and I still grin when I hear Amigaaaaaaaaa
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