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New timer here. I never had one, not even a C=64 in the days, but I always wanted one as some of my partners had, and I also was using them (C64's) at school, learning basic (yes, I'm that old, 45). I only had an speccy then; 1984 and a lot of wonderful years more, as I keep it.

4 years ago I bought a broken C=64 with the idea of using it with a keyrah as a keyboard for my pc, but then I had the bad idea of repairing it.... and later a friend told me about the Amigas, and then I had another bad idea about searching in Wikipedia what was "that" as I never had seen one in person; no idea about the models and so.

Few time later another bad idea about getting one on Ebay; Complete A1200 boxed pack for 50 pounds from a Dr...

I started a good year, as mostly Cammy and sometimes Rebel used to be here and give tips and teaching about a lot of things.

Yes, I'm the rarest in this thread or in this Forum even, but I've got the idea that I've contributed a bit to the community in the last four years, maybe even from the first week when I made a tray system Cd drive for my miggy with the bezel made of an spare trapdoor I got.

That's why I am here . I know some of my mates here look at me as a beginner, which I am still, although if you just look for example my incomplete signature (I can't write more) you can see I haven't lost much time.

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