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Thanks, that was the important bit: execution didn't jump to some random address but instruction really was cmp2.l (I didn't check second opword and assumed it was chk2, not much difference anyway).

When emulation of 68060 unimplemented integer instructions was added ("Unimplemented CPU emu" checkbox), instructions that 68060 does not support at all accidentally become unimplemented even if unimplemented checkbox is set. (CHK2/CMP2/CAS2/MOVEP). Others that only have some unimplemented variants worked correctly (64-bit MUL/DIV etc..)

68060.library software emulation also didn't work because "Unimplemented" checkbox by design does makes them look like generic unknown instructions, not unimplemented..

Anyway, that was boring explanation.. should fix it ("Unimplemented" set and 68060: all 68060 unimplemented instructions are emulated fully)
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