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Originally Posted by AnnaWu View Post
I can not confirm it (CyberStorm PPC), it works for me (AmigaOS 4.0/A4000)
You must have something else wrong in your config - maybe one of the UAE extensions enabled. the .71 rom works fine on my setup, both in "real life" on real hardware, and on WinUAE.

The *ONLY* issue (on real hardware) with the .71 ROM is that the CyberVision PPC card is not detected during installation of OS 4.1 Classic, so the initial booting screen and subsequent screens will NOT be displayed on the CyberVision/BlizzardVision PPC graphic cards - the system will fall back to AGA. (This is stated in the OS 4.1 Classic FAQ on the CD and in the updated FAQ versions posted on the official Hyperion forums).

However, during installation you can select CyberVision/BlizzardVision PPC graphics card and use it after the installation finishes and the system reboots, once you select it in Screenmode Prefs (on real hardware of course).

Otherwise .71 doesn't buy you anything as it was an update to allow GREX PCI busboard support. There might be a few SCSI fixes in there but the built-in devices from the cyberstorm PPC are NOT used in OS 4.1 Classic. OS 4.1 Classic uses native PPC versions of cybppc.device and does not (currently) support the GREX PCI busboard expansion.

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