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Works well on the ACA-1232, thanks!

Installed CMQ030 to speed up CopyMem and CopyMemQuick functions as suggested in the readme. Also have mmu.library running with ACA friendly settings (thanks mfilos)

First I got the "cant open the page file" message in 'ERROR.TXT' like others in this thread, but turns out it was just a misunderstanding (not the wrong retail release in my case). After doing the .WL6 extraction using WolfExtractor I got the notion that those files weren't needed anymore (eg. like deleting zip files after extracting), turns out they are needed, at least VSWAP.WL6, because it worked after I copied the *.WL6 files back into the AmiWolf directory.

I'm also impressed that AmiWolf is system friendly, works fine to run AmiTCP, AmIRC against several servers, Dopus, browser with many tabs open, and more, while playing AmiWolf, didn't notice any impact on performance. Not sure if needed in my case, but commented out the 'CLOSE_WB' ToolType because it felt right.
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