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I had the repeating pink flashing colors loop in my original configuration but not in the one I downloaded from Retrofan's post. There were posts by Toni suggesting disabling "CDFS Automount CD/DVD Drives"and uaescsi.device. I did that and still had the pink/flash loop of endless slow resets. The problem ended up being that my HDF file was set to use UAE as the HD Controller. OS4 didn't recognize the UAE controller but worked with it set to IDE. After that, it booted to OS4, after a wait long enough to drink a beer.

Extremely slow on a Core 2 duo. The 68K code goes at light speed. In PPC mode with Warp UP in OS3.1 and 3.9, it took FXpaint around 30-40 seconds to load a picture. In 68K mode, in a blink of an eye. It loads about as fast in my real A4000 with Cyberstorm PPC. This is funny, the 68K beats the PPC hands down in Winuae.
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