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Old timer here!

Amiga lover since 1988/89. Friend of mine got an A500 Screen Gems pack which made me so jealous lol. We had great fun playing North & South lol. I still had a 48k spectrum at the time.

Then a brief stint with an Atari STE was soon changed when another friend got an A500 Cartoon classics pack one christmas. Upon seeing him playing Assassin, well that was a turning point which just blew me away totally!

From then on I have owned at least one Amiga of some sort, working or not.

WinUAE has been a godsend! Back in the early days it was such a big thing. Being able to emulate an Amiga. Was the icing on the cake. I even wanted to completely replace windows with workbench. I dreamed long about that lol.

So the present day, after a 15year break I finally have an Amiga 1200 back on the internet properly, this time using Wifi. Next I will re-create the original workbench install from 1999. I had the foresight to backup all my stuff onto CDR's using my first (expensive) CD writer. I found the original box for it a while back and the price just shocked me... the cost was £148! I still have it btw! Afaik it still works. Maybe its time to fish it out for my Amiga installs.

Also back then, I went into the "Self built Tower conversion" days. I did a good job on those with the limited tools I had. I should find all the pictures I did. but now its all about being original for me! So my A1200's are in their original cases.
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