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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
I tried all boards with 060. They all crash. Except Warp Engine. But I don't know what a Warp Engine is. Does it even have SCSI?
Warp Engine and A4091 uses same chip. CyberStorm uses newer NCR chip version but DMA part is still the same. Weird if A4091 also works..

Attach log with scsi emulation logging enabled: "winuae -log -scsilog -scsiemulog -logflush"

My guess is that there is some longer transfer that overflows some buffer or something..

BTW, if I select SCSI (auto) on the Harddrives page (with a CSPPC), it does not mount the HDD. Seems like Accelerator SCSI is not included in SCSI (auto).
Yeah, I haven't bothered with this yet..
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