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I guess I'm an Old timer.

I got my first Amiga 500 in 1990, I couldn't afford a hard drive for it back then, but I was happy with a couple of extra disk drives and the action replay mkiii cart.

I got the Amiga 1200 when it was released in 1992, used that until the Playstation came out. Then my amiga days ended.

I got my first pc in 1997, it was a pentium 120, with 16mb ram, with a 1gb bigfoot hard drive, 4mb video card, sound blaster 16 sound card and 56k modem etc.

I kept upgrading my pc, I'm not sure when winuae was first about, but think I first used it when my pc had a AMD K6/2 500 I think it was.

I realised that I missed the good old Amiga days, and have been using the Emulator ever since.

I'd say that Winuae got me back into the Amiga as I've got a few real machines again now and I don't intend to get rid of them again, I think I only got rid of them back in the day as was younger and needed the money.

As much as I'm an old timer, I do like that new hardware is being made for our old machines.
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