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Before i got my SD infinity i had success using a car tape adapter in the datasette, and outputting wav playback from my netbooks headphone out simply using winamp!

It worked perfectly fine, and in multiload games it was tricky as i would have to pause the wav playback and restart it again at the correct times, but that method worked for me.

I remember playing through the first few stages of The last ninja 2 using multiload with this method, it's clumsy but it worked.

Obviously single load games were preferable to use.

Also i think i was using tap2wav for the conversions!

In the end i just got the SD Infinity as it's so much easier to use!

Edit- I think u need to be careful with the ouput volume of the wav's to a cassette adapter, if you go to high and it distorts it won't work, if to low in volume then it's unreliable. Also disable all audio equalizers etc!

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