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Originally Posted by mcbone View Post
Are you new to the Amiga or old timer person to the Amiga.??????

Do you like all new amiga comeing out today.????
And the Amiga forever and amikiik and aros .?????????

I do like amiga forever and amikit and aros .?????????

But the old amiga are the best .??????
like amiga a 500 and cdtv amiga ....

P.S i am useing raspberry pi with help off Aros ....
old timer - got my first Amiga (500) in 1990

New Amiga? - Too expensive, so tend to stick with the classic machines (I would like a go with OS4 though sometime)

Amiga Forever - it's okay although the AF Premium Package not changed much since 2005

Yep, the original Amiga's will always be the best
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