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Originally Posted by capehorn View Post
Hi Octo, I've enjoyed watching most of the daily videos you link to on Twitter. It looks like you are both enjoying Parasol stars, but please practice playing Rainbow Islands and show it to Tiggy again! I'm sure one she gets used to the way you can climb rainbows and jump on them to kill the enemies she'll like it. Also show her the gems and how important they are to the game, it really adds to the game.

How many more parts are there of the Arcade Turtles game to come?
Hi again, capehorn!

I think we've annoyed more people with our poor performance on Rainbow Islands than on any other game so far! I'll have to give it another go and see if I can talk her into it

There's a couple more TMNT II videos to go, and then it's on to TMNT III. As for which Amiga game is next... haha, that would be telling.
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