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I don't think you can install ClassicWB over a 3.9 install.

You need to install ClassicWB directly, if you want it (that means formatting ).

GAAE/68K run on a simple 68000 and are quite barebones - if you're using 3.9 right now you obviously can do a bit more than that

You can try CWB OS39 but you will need a display which supports Interlaced (most LCDs do).

If your monitor/TV doesn't do interlaced, then you can run CWB LITE which is 3.1 based.

Your hardware supports all the CWB versions out there except P96 and UAE, you just need to test them and see if they're fast enough for your likings!

It has to be said that most people prefer having at least a 030 for running 3.9 as the system will be snappier with that.
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