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TapDancer looks like it needs your datasette heads to be clean, properly aligned and demagnetised. Look into the alignment first. It may take some trial and error to find the correct alignment and volume level but it should work eventually.

1) the c64 hangs right after loading the first block. This means pausing the tape WAV file playing, then once it restart, release pause and let it continue loading
2) you need a perfect WAV containing the game (not easy and not as convenient to get as on CPC, which holds more complex tape protection systems.
3) the game needs to be splitting which each parts to loads seperated. Much more convenient with a tape car adaptator.

PS : MP3 are not "good" for the CPC, never mind the c64.....
I'm guessing Tapdancer is programmed to take care of all this? Or maybe not? I've never used it.
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