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Thank you Lockrobster and rgen!

I'm an utter lamer in case you haven't already noticed =)

Here's what I did. I have set SpaceHulk icon to Project type. Then I have setup default tool to be JST file. In tooltypes box I have typed EXECUTE. Is that what was I supposed to do?

When I launch the SpaceHulk icon, a message appears that says "JST running executable program..." The screen switches back and forth several times and ends up back in WB screen. That's all. Nothing starts, no intro no cracktro sounds, but surely it opens a lores screen for a second or two. But that's all unfortuantely.
What did I do wrong?

As for Lockrobster's suggestion, I did everything but couldn't find mode IDs. For an experiment I typed in tooltypes "sys:prefs/screenmode USE $0001" and then screen changed into something but just stayed there. I had to rebot. Where do I find those mode IDs? What is normal mode listing. Please?

Thanks guys!
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