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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Did you?
Hi Alex, yes i did, and even better, i gave the exact file where the errors where.

I remember in lots of your posts you were using a broken ambertool from the Amberworld website.
Yes, i remember about these, but it's not related. I really mean about text that must be displayed and will not due to typos in the text format.

If you really did discover more bugs, please link to the posts and I will update the webpage.
I did already, and this was quite a while ago.

No-one has released anything other than Meynaf.
Meynaf released many patches, so do i, and also the german guy about the blue herbs, which were not trigger from the start.

The bugs which caused the game to crash (that were discovered a long time ago by Metallic and Hexxae and a few others) are included in Meynaf's patch.
Yes those are known. Others are ones that kills the scenario as explained above.

The majority of fixes are cosmetic. A few were game play related (items and people with wrong/invalid stats etc.)

I will try this week to update the Ambermoon Bugs webpage and make a note next to each if it is fixed in Meynaf's patch.
We need those, this game needs to be corrected as much as possible.
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