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OK, another update.

All the Prisma cards arrived from Michael and they look great.

Michael is also manufacturing an audio back plate PCB for towered A1200's and big box Amigas which will an optional extra for the card.

I have been really busy with AMIStore development so decided last weekend to devote to Prisma instead

In the meantime, Spirantho very kindly sacrificied one of his weekends to add an AREXX port to the Prisma.library which is indeed very handy.

So I changed my PrismaControl programme to take advantage of Spirantho's efforts. Now PrismaControl uses Arexx messaging and it works well for all of my tests so far on my A1200T.

It also means all you programmers out there can make your programs control the Prisma card with a few simple Arexx messages, for example:




I haven't yet tried it, but I also believe that I could modify my IBrowse MIME settings to play OGG, MP3, WAV files from webpage links. Any suggestions on this would be good.

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