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Originally Posted by _ThEcRoW View Post
what is needed to install that gives the best result, powerUP or WarUp?. I have downloaded several system disks, but don't know if it's even possible to have both.
If anyone can tell me and, possibly a link to the exact libraries needed would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
It may be best to have 2 separate environments for PowerUP and WarpOS just to make things simpler when trying to get the relevant software running.

For example, I am using BlizzardPPC for my PowerUP setup, all relevant libraries are in rom and you can just run powerup software as you would any other amiga software

I have a cyberstormppc environment for WarpOS including powerup emulation for if the need arises

You can get needed libs here.
the 040/060 cpu libs 46.7 and ppc.library 46.31 should you want to use PowerUP on cyberstorm.

WarpOS libraries can be found here
If installing by hand WarpHW.library is Accelerator specific so you cant really use one install for both cyberstorm/bppc environment without issues.

The powerup emulation library can be found here
Ignore the WarpOS 16.1 beta. The 16.1 full version found in the WarpOS5.1 update is newer and will cause less problems.

The only real sticking point at the moment is the various version of the Elf loadseg patches (to install emulated ppc.library) tend to crash the ppc emulation so it can be a bit random. Installppclib that comes with frogger is the most compatible on my real Amiga, but ppclibemu_install seems most successful in the emulation.

Configuring WarpOS on cyberstorm is simplest. Just ensure noppc is unticked and nopatch is ticked. You can enable force video address at $40000000 (Picasso IV Z3) (BAT Register for performance) , but I don't know if it makes a difference to the emulation. The WarpOS docs say it can be left $0 if not using Bvision/CVision.

I have not tested if the free CybergraphX v3 or Picasso96 works as I am using paid for CybergraphXv4 without issue with the PicassoIV Z3 emulation.

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