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Part 2 - Configuring WinUAE Settings
Please Note: These are only the most basic of essential settings detailed here (plus the enabling of a network card) I will go back through this tutorial at some point and add some optional setting to improve the user experience.

1) Load WinUAE

2) In Quickstart, change the model to A4000 and the configuration to 68030, 3.1 ROM, 2MB Chip + 8MB Fast

3) In "CPU and FPU" change the cpu to 68060 and tick the PPC box.

4) In "ROM" make sure that the Main ROM file is set to KS ROM v3.1 (A4000) - I use the Cloanto ROMs from Amiga Forever

5) In "RAM" there is a dropdown box with a "-" in it. Change this to be Cyberstorm PPC, set the Accelerator board memory to 128MB. Set Motherboard Fast to 0mb (none). Also Untick "Autoconfig Z2 fast ram" and "JIT Direct compatible Z3 memory mapping".

6) Next to "Accelerator board ROM File" click the "..." and select the "cyberstormppc_44.71.rom"

7) In "Expansions" select the Picasso IV Zorro III card. Enable the A2065 Z2 (in the bottom right) and select "SLIRP + Open Ports"

7a) Still in "Expansions". Make sure "uaescsi.device" is unticked.

8) In the "CD & Hard drives" section click "Add hardfile"

9) For the path, set it to the location of the hard file you made in part 1 of this tutorial.

10) Set the HD Controller to IDE, 0 and then click "OK"

11) Click "Add SCSI/IDE CD Drive"

12) Change HD Controller to IDE, 1

13) Click "Add CD Drive"

14) Configure the CD Drive to either point to a physical CD Rom drive on your machine with the OS 4.0 Classic CD in it OR Select an iso image file. (I personally used the CD the first time and the ISO for this walkthrough, so I know that both work)

14a) Make sure ALL THE TICK BOXES in the options area are unticked.

15) In "Floppy Drives" insert the Amiga OS 4.0 boot floppy into the drive.

(I will attach my configuration file to this post also)

17) Click "Start" to begin emulation.

18) Wait (a long time) for the OS 4 setup workbench to display. During this you will see a brief blue screen, a flashing rainbow screen and a pink screen. It will then be black for quite a while.

This is the end of Part 2 of the tutorial. - Part 3 will be a basic guide to installation - but very very basic.
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