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Note: Part 1 is not needed since QEMU PPC core was added. The hard file can be partitioned and formatted using OS4 installer.

Part 1 - Preparing the hard file
Due to a few problems with emulation, the Partition Manager that comes with OS 4.0 does not function correctly. Also, due to reason I am not quite sure of (this may be my fault) I cannot get hdf to parition properly when PPC emulation is set up, so we'll go through the steps that I used to work around it. This will obviously be easier if you are installing OS 4.0 onto a real Amiga, as you can do everything from the boot disk.

These instructions may seem a little patronising in places, but I am being overly detailed as this is a step- by-step.

1) Launch WinUAE

2) On the quickstart page, select A1200 as the model and Basic non-expanded configuration.

3) Go to the CD and hard drives tab

4) Click "Add Hardfile"
5) At the bottom of the window there is a section titles "New hard disk image file". Type "2000" in the MB box
and click Create.

6) Naviagte where you wish to save the hdf file, give it a name and click save. (Remember where this is as you will need it later)

7) Change the "HD Controller" to IDE, 0

8) Click "Enable RDB Mode" and then click OK

9) Go to the floppy drives area and put the Workbench 3.1 install disk in DH0 (I'm assuming you know how to do this. If not, that is beyond the scope of this guide)

10) Click Start

11) Wait for Workbench to appear and then double click on the "Install 3.1" disk icon.

12) Go into the HDTools drawer

13) Launch HD Toolbox

14) Click "Change Drive Type"

15) Click "Define New..."

16) Click "Read Configuration" and then click "Continue" when the prompt appears

17) Click OK and then Click Ok again in the next window

18) Click "Partition Drive"

19) Click "Default Setup"

20) Click "Ok"

21) Click "Save Changes to Drive"

22) Click "Exit"

23) Press Ctrl + Amiga + Amiga to reboot the machine

24) Wait for Workbench to appear again. There will now be (possibly after a short delay) 2 NDOS devices.

25) Quick Format both of the NDOS devices. (I formatted UDH0 as DH0 and UDH1 and Work) - Explaining the formatting of drives is beyond the scope of this tutorial. I may follow up on that if there are enough questions.

26) Close down WinUAE

That is the end of Part 1 of the tutorial.

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