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Guide: WinUAE PPC OS 4.0 Classic Install Guide (Beta 12+)

How to install OS 4.0 Classic on WinUAE PPC

Please Note: PPC Emulation is in Beta. The quality of your OS 4.0 Classic installation under emulation in no way reflects on how it runs on REAL Amiga/AmigaOne hardware.
As a previous AmigaOne owner, I can assure you that Amiga OS 4.0 runs extremely smoothly and with a lot more stability than it does under emulation, where there are quite a few features that do not work as they do on real hardware.

This installation guide is written using MY experience of installing OS 4.0 Classic. There are probably many ways of getting this to work, but this is the method that I have used and know that it is possible. This method (At least part 1 and 2) will probably work for OS 4.1 Classic as well, but I do not own a copy to try it out.

I have gone through this guide step-by-step and done an additional setup myself, so I know that it works. If you are having problems, please check that you have followed ALL the numbered steps detailed below before asking any questions. I will try to get back to people as soon as I can about any issues.

Details about my computer system: (in case it matters)
Core i7 2700K
Nvidia GeForce GTX 560

Emulation runs at a fairly reasonable speed considering what is being done, but don't expect a mega fast, use-for-everyday-tasks system.

The parts are going to be divided up into seperate posts in this thread.

Preparation, Configuration and Installation are the main 3.

I will reserve a post below that for OS 4.0 configuration (for things like networking) and tips and tricks that I have figured out. I hope to have this done in the next day or so. I doubt it will be done today, as I have work and a girlfriend to occupy my time as well.

The post below that will be reserved for FAQs

I give great thanks to Toni Wilen for making PPC emulation in WinUAE possible.

Updated Part 2 with a precautionary step (14a)
Replaced attached config file with correction (thanks to themamboman for pointing out that it was the wrong file)
Guide tested for Beta 13 and still working.
Added step 7a (thanks to AMIGASYSTEM for pointing out that this option was there)

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