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Ok, I'm starting the whole thing again after a short break.
I'll try to describe each single passage I do.

First of all, I installed WinUAE and set the machine as this:
CPU 68020 - FPU None
Fast Ram 8 Mb
ROM Main ROM file KS ROM v3.1 (A500,A600,A2000) rev 40.63 (512k)
CD Hard Drive: I choose my 32gb SD CARD
Device *UAE* Volume n/a Path generic multi card v 1.00
RW yes Block size 512 size 29.7gb BootPry n/a

SD card was cleaned using diskpart - select disk - clean, so when I add an Hard Drive my SD is tagged as [UNK]

When I launch the WB install disk, I copy HD TOOLBOX in RAM and I modify the SCSI_DEVICE_NAME from SCSI.device in uaehf.device.
Ok, I click in the HD ToolBox (in the RAM) and in the partition table I see:

INTERFACE SCSI - ADDRESS 0 - LUN 0 - Status Unknown.

I click on Change Drive Tipe, Dryve Types: SCSI - Define New - Read configuration - Unit is not a disk (type 32).

Stuck in here.

EDIT. I solved the problem. I had to remove and insert again my porcod-SD. HD ToolBox found it, and I created a 666M bootable DH0 partition called WORKBENCH where I will install the 3.1 that right?

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