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Originally Posted by _ThEcRoW View Post
Hello guys. I saw the thread the other day and couldn't believe my eyes, so i started to read a lot in order to get exactly the way to proceed but i'm not sure what is the recommended board for emulation. I have read that the one working with os4 is cyberstorm and that the blizzards gave errors, but in other post someone said that blizzard is working correctly. So, what is the best bet in order to get the ppc emulation running?. I have downloaded the accelerator roms from the zone, and several uae configs here, but haven't tried yet.
Thanks in advance and thanks Toni for the uae enhancement!!!
Blizzard PPC is more complex and technically you can't have Z3 boards with BPPC on real hardware -> CyberStorm is better choice and there is less chance to get it wrong

Originally Posted by huepper View Post
Media Toolbox from OS4.x crashes the emulation.
Logs, if possible, will follow.
Probably PPC CPU problem. Waiting for QEMU CPU core.

Originally Posted by MickJT View Post
Back on topic, sorta, as for transferring files from the PC to OS4.1 installation, perhaps a mode could be added to add hardfiles or directories but appear as real IDE in the emulated environment. But I don't expect that to be any sort of priority for the time being, if at all. It'd have some benefits in 68k and Linux as well. I assume Linux also has this issue, or is it able to use WinUAE's hardfiles & directory-mode?
Hardfiles (with or without RDB) can be mounted as IDE. (fake virtual RDB is generated automatically if non-RDB)
Directories: impossible.

Because OS4 supports m68k drivers and handlers (as far as I know), directory harddrives could work. Again: QEMU CPU core first, I am quite sure OS4 m68k emulator will be too unreliable with current CPU core.

Linux and others: never going to work unless someone writes native driver. Not worth the trouble.
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