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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Already known, check post #483.

Probably something unfixable. In worst case code gets written and executed in A2065 on board buffer RAM which is really non-JIT friendly. (It looks like it is the reason, "stupid" address is e9a4f6 which is in A2065 autoconfig address)

What a2065 driver? Only with CSPPC?
Tony, I know you don't care about OS 4.1 Classic, but the Commodore 2065 driver from Aminet here:

Does not crash the internet connection wizard, it just gives an error "failed to open device". I added the driver to the 68k JIT blacklist in OS 4.1 Classic (Prefs/Compatibility) so it is not running in 68k JIT. At least that is better than the two other C= 2065 drivers on aminet:

ethernet.lha and a2065v216a.lha, both of which grim reaper the internet connection wizard.

I have it setup in WinUAE the 2065 as "cable disconnected". I'm not sure what the SLIRP options are.

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