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Looks like I might have to wait for the disc to physically get here, but I'll e-mail (Edit: AmigaKit and/or Hyperion) and ask about, and see if I can get an image to download. Sam440 has an ISO image to download. I'm just impatient to try it out, even though I know it's buggy and slow, at least at this stage

Back on topic, sorta, as for transferring files from the PC to OS4.1 installation, perhaps a mode could be added to add hardfiles or directories but appear as real IDE in the emulated environment. But I don't expect that to be any sort of priority for the time being, if at all. It'd have some benefits in 68k and Linux as well. I assume Linux also has this issue, or is it able to use WinUAE's hardfiles & directory-mode?

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