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Originally Posted by utri007 View Post
So, it seems that someone is stealing.

From :
Or someone is not telling the truth...

Elbox for example didn't pay a single penny to the authors of Picasso96, although they were making good money with the software.
Also, they shipped unlicensed copies of Poseidon with their Spider USB-Card and the driver used to kill the RDB, if the card wasn't "prepared" by Elbox (Elbox changed some IDs in a serial EEPROM to invalid values and checked that in the driver).

Not to mention the Dragon, SharkPPC and TurboFlyer 530, which were announced and never released. The last card was probably only announced to ruin the christmas-sale of the ACA500.... as February passed by, more ACA500 were sold than usualy...

In my opinion, the OpenPCI-project is A LOT more honest than Elbox could EVER be.
Questionable, if the statement of the stolen code is the truth or not...
Has anyone checked that?

Sorry for the rant...
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